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14 Common Misconceptions About Wedding Planning

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14 Common Misconceptions About Wedding Planning

The wedding. Everybody knows what it is. Little girls dream about it and little boys think about the kiss that seals the deal. You’ve watched the rom-coms, read the romance novels, and have already picked out the perfect song that will play during your first dance. As much as you know about your big day, there are more misconceptions about this momentous occasion than you realize. Here are 14 that may not have crossed your mind (you’re welcome in advance):

1- The Bride Isn’t the Only Wedding Party Member

Yes, yes, all the attention will be on you – and rightfully so. This is your moment and you have put the most time, effort, attention to detail, sweat, and a bucket load of tears into this day. But keep in mind that these people agreed to be in your wedding (and are paying for their wardrobes), not to be your servants or screaming boards. There is only one member of the wedding party who is at your beckon call and that is the groom (said with tongue in cheek). As much as it is all about you, it’s NOT all about you.

2- You Can’t Budget for Everything

The wedding itself, like the gown, caterer, venue, photographer, officiant, and everything else is expensive. The rehearsal dinner and parties can get a little pricey, too. But there will be some sudden expenditure, like the seventh and “last” time you have your dress altered, that will pop up out of nowhere, so having a little extra money off to the side for such emergencies will go a long way.

3- It Should Be Fun

Oh, it’s serious business, for sure. This is arguably the biggest decision of your life, so it’s best to approach your wedding day with plenty of focus. But don’t let your extreme focus turn you into the wedding version of the “Soup Nazi.”

4- Mix Your Dreams with a Little Bit of Reality

Keep in mind that Walt Disney movies are pretend, although “Cinderella” has had a big say in a number of weddings throughout the years. Not that you should prepare yourself for the complete opposite of say “Bridesmaids,” but perhaps a mixture of the two might level things out.

5- Time Is on Your Side (if you give yourself enough)

A wedding constitutes so much planning because there is so much to do. Scheduling, meeting, calling, sending invites, budgeting, sizing, re-budgeting, resizing. The moment to start planning for a lot of those wedding requirements is at least a year in advance, which would be items like starting your guest list, choosing a venue, and picking the wedding party. Schedule your months from there ¾ nine months, six months, three months. These time frames can include scheduling the photographer, caterer, picking the cake, hiring the entertainment, and that list can go on and on.

6- The Budget Is There for a Reason

Don’t we all wish we could say, “Forget that budget!”? Of course, but we can’t and here’s why: debt and family relations. It’s one thing to be happy when you get married; it’s another to be happily married. Going all “Bridezilla” on that budget is NOT a good way to start off a marriage. Budget everything (that you can) and stay within those perimeters (or as close as you can).

7- The Groom Just Might Have Some Good Ideas

Your fiancé has watched the movies too (well, the ones he could stomach and the ones you forced him to see). He proposed, didn’t he? So he knows a thing or two about love and the special moment. Chances are he has some good ideas about music, lighting, and his groomsmen’s tuxes. Be certain not to put the kibosh on everything he says.

8- The Groom Just Might NOT Have Some Good Ideas

Yeah, about what we just talked about¾everything in moderation.

9- You’ll Want to Call the Whole Thing Off (for all kinds of reasons)

Planning the wedding is a very stressful time, and it can feel like it just drags on. Any snide comment from the groom-to-be or scheduling snafu can send you over the edge and begin declaring the End of Days (from a wedding perspective). Women are emotional creatures by nature, and that’s OK. While planning a wedding, we are so emotional it can become unnatural, and that’s not OK. You may say it once, twice, but always be three times a lady and take a deep breath or a day or week off from planning and keep the scheduled date intact.

10- Not Everything Will Go According to Plan

“You did what?!” “Where is the cake?!” “Your mother is wearing what?!” Exactly. Not everything will go according to plan. There will be problems and little setbacks throughout the planning stages and even when the wedding day arrives. Your Uncle Theodore will most likely say something inappropriate. One of your bridesmaids will most likely be attracted to the “wrong” groomsmen. But whattya do? And that is probably the best reaction to have (well, sometimes).

11- Let Your Bridesmaids Complement You

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And so is ugly. So be certain to pick dresses that are actually fashionable and not a complete disaster. Don’t have them purchase dresses that have them wondering, “Why do we look like bowls of sherbet?” Of course your bridesmaids won’t be wearing any white, but having elegant instead of tacky gowns will only complement you and your taste. Let the sherbet remain in the reception punchbowl.

12- Less Is More (for groomsmen)

You may think it strange, but this wedding planning decision is the simplest one (or one of them). The classic well-fitted James Bond tuxedo is a go every time for groomsmen. The only one who might complain is your cousin Tommy, who would have preferred to wear his Uncle Si T-shirt. Feel free to punch that guy. Men are pleased by what’s cool, not what color coordinates with other people.

13- All-Inclusive Can Work for Everything

You can help out your own cause by finding the best price (not the cheapest route) while planning your wedding by clicking on the “all-inclusive” button. There probably won’t be a button like that for most things, but there will be the option. There are numerous wedding venues that are all-inclusive, providing music, the reception area, kitchen area, lighting, etc. Try to combine the photographer and the videographer ¾ these two or three will have worked together before, will know how each other captures each moment, and won’t be fighting each other for the “perfect” angle. The honeymoon is another way to go all-inclusive: destination, flight, hotel, transportation, DONE.

14- The Most Important Things Are the “I Do’s”

At the end of it all, what matters most isn’t how the food tasted, the timing of the bridal party walking the aisle, or how much money filled the shoe the best man was walking around with. No, what matters most are those two words everyone will be silently still waiting to hear: “I do.”

Weddings are full of surprises ¾ some that you planned and some that you didn’t. This special occasion should be full of wonderful memories that will last your entire lifetime. The Roof Garden is an elegant, amenities-inclusive wedding venue beautifully located on The Strand in Galveston. Our venue will be able to fit your every need, and with our professional staff, your wedding day will prove to be all you hoped it would be, regardless of those misconceptions.

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