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12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Posted in: Wedding Planning
12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Once you have decided on your wedding theme, either formal, beach or quirky, the next consideration is the venue. The wrong venue can wreak havoc on your special day, so give a lot of thought to your venue and make an informed choice. Perhaps, these tips on selecting a venue will help you avoid a mistake and enjoy your day to the fullest.

  1. Visit the places on your list in person to ensure that the venue is the way you imagined it and if it will fit into your dream wedding.
  2. When making your choice of a variety of venues, remember how you felt when you first walked in. Isn’t it likely that your guests will feel the same when they enter the venue?
  3. Three important questions to ask: The maximum number of people they can comfortably accommodate; restrictions on use of space; and who you will be working with and if they will be at your wedding.
  4. Obtaining a sample invoice is a good idea and will allow you to see each single item for which you will be charged. Excellent for budget planning.
  5. Search the internet. There are many websites to help you plan a wedding and find the ideal venue. Make Google your friend.
  6. The venue should offer reasonable areas for guests to eat, drink, talk, and dance. Visualize where each of these activities will occur. The venue is likely to be too small if you cannot separate each section.
  7. Security is another issue. You don’t want to entertain wedding crashers. Even if the wedding will take place inside, uninvited guests could intrude. Also, it has happened that wedding gifts were stolen.
  8. Often, banquet halls and hotels host a number of events at the same time. Noise from these other occasions may interfere with your wedding. Visiting the venue when there is more than one event will allow you to see how sound carries.
  9. Remember that lighting sets the mood. Visit the site at the same time you’ve chosen for your wedding to see how it’ll look at that time.
  10. Make sure the venue doesn’t have walls, carpets, chairs or curtains that conflict with your theme or color palette.
  11. Adequate parking is a must unless you want to provide transportation or get creative in that area. Would you like your guests to arrive in horse-drawn carriages?
  12. Visual details like artwork, period furniture, crystal chandeliers, etc. add charm and memorability to the venue.

Finding the perfect wedding venue is crucial. It is one of the first decisions you should make after choosing your theme and color palette. Knowing the site of your Big Day will help you in pulling all your other ideas together. Holding your ceremony and the reception at the same place cuts costs and can add just the right touch! Carpe diem!

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