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12 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Bride-to-Be

Posted in: Wedding Planning
12 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Bride-to-Be

You may feel like you are in a race with Time itself, so much to do before your wedding, so little of that precious commodity—Time. The ticking clock has become a threat. You are not alone. Every bride feels that way at some time during the planning of her special day. We’ve collected 5 cautions and 7 encouragements in this list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you in your quest for the perfect wedding.

1. That Golden Tan?

If you haven’t been going to the tanning bed, this is not a good time to start, and spray tanning!—caution this method can be messy and orange isn’t a desirable color on a lovely bride. UV Tanning might spoil the day as well. What if your skin burned? That could make for an uncomfortable and unattractive evening. If you don’t start tanning well in advance, a pretty shade of bronzer makeup would give you the sun-kissed glow you seek.

2. What I want

A Don’t – A registry is helpful to everyone. Guiding gift buyers to what you want and need saves them time, and you don’t receive too many microwave-proof cooking bowls. Why is including registry information on the wedding invitations a Don’t? Giving wedding gifts is not mandatory. Most guests do, but you don’t want to appear to be asking for and expecting gifts.

3. Oh Woe is Me

Let’s talk about hair dye. It’s quite okay to want to do something special or a bit different with your hair color for the Big Day. Don’t! unless you do a trial run at least a month before the wedding. If you hate the results, you have time to change the color without damage to your hair. Over-processed tresses isn’t a good look for the bride.

4. Don’t forget about your fiancé

You might not think you’re committing this Big Don’t, but in your zest for planning the ideal wedding, you might neglect your future husband for dress fittings and meetings with the florist. Leave the to-do lists, give him a hug, and spend some quality time with him.

5. Don’t plan for a cash bar

Asking your guests to reach into their pockets for a glass of champagne or wine is rude. You’ve invited them to share your wedding day. Do you really want to ask them to pay for their drinks?

Now for the Do’s!

1. Take Care of the Bride

Take time to unwind—eat and rest. Treat yourself to a day spa or a relaxing massage. You want to arrive at one of the biggest and happiest events of your life looking fresh and lovely.

2. Let your Dreams Touch the Stars

It’s not all about the wedding. You are beginning a new chapter in your life. When you are dreaming, envision how magnificent being with the man you love in a happy marriage will be.

3. Carry the Essentials

For those beautiful photos—carry pressed powder and lip color with you (or have a bridesmaid do it).

4. Give it a trial run

Schedule a trial run for makeup and hair. On the big day, you don’t want to be trapped with hair and makeup you despise.

5. A hairstyle that flatters your face

That up-do might look great on another bride, but does it work with the shape of your face and profile? Choose what works best for you.

6. Tear Proof

Mascara circles beneath your eyes? Not if you wear waterproof everything, not just mascara.

7. Hydrate

Using the proper moisturizer for your skin type can give you that natural glow. Every skin type needs water and some require additional oil replenishment.

We hope these tips are useful to you. A couple of the Don’ts are even scary! The Do’s are good advice for the Bride-to-Be and might save regrets and mistakes. The biggest Do, however, is to enjoy your wedding day and appreciate every minute. Here’s wishing you a lovely, romantic, and enchanting wedding!

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