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11 Ways to Completely Ruin Your Wedding Reception

Posted in: Wedding Planning
11 Ways to Completely Ruin Your Wedding Reception

Some of these tidbits are serious, but most of them are meant to be amusing. Still, there is a grain of truth even in humor.

1. Not wearing comfortable shoes for the reception.

If your feet hurt, how can you enjoy your reception, and this is one of the fun parts of your Big Day, actually getting to interact with your guests—and eat, drink and be merry!

2. Not feeding your guests at the right time.

You don’t want your guests to be too drunk or too hungry during important parts of your reception. Hungry people get grumpy and will not be capable of paying close attention to toasts and speeches.

3. A guest relating an inappropriate story during the congratulatory video.

A congratulatory video of well wishes to the bride and groom is a nice idea BUT should be done before serious drinking occurs. Otherwise, someone might think it humorous to tell about the blonde sitting on the groom’s lap on his Stag Night.

4. Guests who overindulge in the alcoholic beverages.

There is always one guy or girl who steps well beyond the appropriate level of consumption and tastefulness, giving rise to the fear of a scene later in the night or finding them passed out on the lawn.

5. Attempting to kiss the bride—and you are not the groom!

Seriously a bad idea and a show of very bad taste. This can be termed the cardinal sin of weddings.

6. Bringing a date who has dated the bride or groom.

People get tipsy, and emotions run high. Nothing can bring on a scene quicker than a woman/man who has just watched their former lover marry someone else.

7. Texting or not turning off a cell phone during the toasts or speeches.

This one is a no-brainer, but people are more likely to turn off their phones during a movie than a wedding. Amazing, huh?

8. Having a DJ or photographer who is a royal pain.

These two are supposed to blend into the background, but on occasion, you’ll get a prima donna who acts as if you are standing in the way of his/her art.

9. The bride or groom gets drunk.

Would you want to scarcely remember your lovely reception and/or embarrass your guests? It’s your day. Enjoy…with temperance.

10. The razzle-frazzle cake ruins the reception.

It’s surprising how many cake failures there are. Make sure to have your cake on a stable table away from high-traffic areas.

11. The caterer spoils it.

The food may have been super at the tasting, but can the caterer perform the same magic for a large number of people while maintaining the same quality?

We hope you find these humorous, interesting, and maybe good advice in some instances. One more tip, if you are having your reception in a residential area, you might want to warn the neighbors or someone could be rude enough to make a noise complaint. A great wedding reception is a fun event that neither the bride and groom nor the guests will ever forget. May yours be ever so special!

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