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10 Undeniable Reasons Why People Hate Wedding Planning

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10 Undeniable Reasons Why People Hate Wedding Planning

Looking at the photo albums from weddings, you’ll see the smiles, the laughter, the sweet dances, the bouquet toss where single ladies are grasping at the hope of being the next one to soon toss the bouquet, and just all around good times. But if you look really closely you’ll see a look of relief. There are sighs of relief emanating from those photos because deep down everyone is glad it’s all finally over. Don’t think that the wedding is a dreadful experience. No, not at all. It’s what comes before¾the dread of wedding planning. There are undeniable reasons why people hate wedding planning. For your reading pleasure, here are 10 of them:

1- It Costs a King’s Ransom 

Not only is wedding planning a daunting task with reserving the venue, hiring the caterer, the photographer, buying invitations, the gown, scheduling fittings, meetings, and everything else, but someone has to pay for that stuff. The last time we checked, there isn’t a whole lot of pro-bono wedding work being done. All of this easily jumps into the tens of thousands of dollars if you aren’t careful. Whatever money your parents had planned for retirement, well…let them know you really appreciate the sacrifice.

2- It’s Non-Stop Drama 

Everyone has an opinion on everything and there is a lot going on with wedding planning so you will be receiving unsolicited opinions from every angle. Since this is your baby, you won’t really want to hear any of it, especially the really terrible comments. “I just think weddings are overrated.” “Wal-Mart sells really nice cakes.” And nothing can stir the pot of your indignation like sour attitudes, especially from the in-laws or your bridesmaids (and God forbid the groomsmen jump into the mix). Complaints from the peanut gallery are very common, but there are few things that can get under your skin more quickly. “I hate this dress.” “Wedding rehearsals are pointless, I won’t be making it.” Yeah, like we said, non-stop drama.

3- It Can Reveal Your Worst Potential 

From all the drama, and since this is your show, there are times you will experience the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. One moment your fine, but when something falls through, the mother-in-law goes a little too far with her critiques, or you have to get your wedding gown taken…out (yikes), you’ll flip and all you will see is black. God only knows what will ensue from that point. At some point, you’ll find yourself looking in the mirror asking, “Who are you?”

4- It Takes All of Your Time

When he pops the question, chances are you won’t feel very many more exhilarating moments in your lifetime that compare to that one. But it’s downhill from there until the wedding day. The free time you used to have to just put your makeup on, sleep an extra five minutes in the morning, or meet up with girlfriends on a whim won’t be nearly as available. There will always be something to do and taking care of whatever is next will stay on your mind until you take care of it and then it’s on to the next item on the list.

5- It Even Invades Your Sleep Time 

Your wedding plans don’t just stay on your mind during the day, when you sleep they’re on your mind. And those are called nightmares. “Someone shot the videographer!” “The cake is molded!” “I’m sorry, baby, but I can’t get married right now.” Yes, baby, those dreams are the worst. But you’ll only have them for about a year or so, or however long you’re planning the wedding. Sleep deprivation doesn’t help the situation, so you might as well not fight getting some shuteye.

6- The Stress Can Be Overwhelming 

Steer clear of flights of stairs, because chances are you’ll want to shove someone down them. Either the caterer will be too demanding, the photographer will be arrogant, your fiancé will be unresponsive, your mother will be smothering, the venue will be accidentally overbooked leaving you only about 30 minutes for your wedding ceremony, or you’ll glance at all of your unfinished wedding plans a few too many times in one day. The opportunities for stress to rear its ugly head are innumerable and constant.

7- It’s Ultra-Competitive 

Remember all those other weddings and all of those things they did? Yeah, it’s a competition. You’ve got all your girlfriends who are married mentioning the special things they did for their wedding. You also have your girlfriends with ideas about their own wedding. There is a plethora of ideas swirling about your head and most them aren’t even yours. Having a memorable wedding for yourself isn’t enough. You’ll want to create a real mind-blower¾an end-all to the modern wedding. Good luck with that.

8- You Have to Care About Things You Don’t Care About 

Chicken or fish? Birdseed or bubbles? Most of what happens during the wedding planning stages pertains to things you care about, but there are some things you don’t. It’s not the groom mindset of “Just get it over with already,” but that will be the mentality in some aspects.

9- You Have to Care About People You Don’t Care About 

Isn’t a shame? But there are some crazy aunts and uncles on your side and his side of the family who you couldn’t care less about them responding to the invitation. Sadly, you have to save face and make room for them. What’s even worse is if you have a small wedding because family comes first (most of the time). Your mom or fiancé will undoubtedly say, “Well, we can’t leave them out because…(asinine reason to follow).”

10- It Will Threaten Your Marriage (before you’re even married!) 

This is the worst part of wedding planning. During this whole stretch, the one person watching most closely will be your fiancé. He may suggest that you’ve completely lost it or that you need to bring it down a notch. You will have knock-down-drag-outs and tear-filled bathroom breaks. The stress¾financial, emotional, relational, spiritual, mental, physical, and every other kind that ends in -al¾will be too much at times and, as we all do, the frustration will be taken out on the one we love the most. The tests and trials of wedding planning will either make your relationship stronger or bring it to a fiery crash. There is plenty of reason to look forward to your momentous occasion and these have been 10 of them. Once your wedding day arrives, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. Until then, you’ll have to face down the demons and all the reasons why people hate wedding planning. The stress is never-ending but the Roof Garden, an amenities-inclusive wedding venue located on The Strand in Galveston, is here to help alleviate much of that stress. Our friendly staff and pre-furnished amenities will remove many of the reasons to hate wedding planning. In fact, booking our venue just might throw a little love on the process.

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