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10 Surefire Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Posted in: Wedding Planning
10 Surefire Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

All the serious business is completed. Everything about the wedding is planned except the entertainment for the reception. Whew. Or Not. You know you don’t want to be just another wedding after-party. Get going with some humorous and fun ways to entertain your guests that are definitely out of the norm.

Think Elvis! He hasn’t left the building. The man is immortal, at least in the number of impersonators out there. Why not rock your guests with a live performance? A spectacle they are unlikely to forget or ignore the rhythm and hand-clapping entertainment. In a gold-and-white jumpsuit, who could sit still while The King is in action? Provide dance floor room away from the stage! Love Me Tender.

Robin Williams? Again, there are impersonators to be hired. Make your guests laugh until they are holding their sides. Another memorable show that will delight and get the party going!

NOTE: There are a couple of excellent Elvis and Robin Williams imitators in this area. A quick search on the internet will reveal them. We hesitate here to mention names.

How about a Frank Sinatra impersonator? His music ran the gamut from the Big Band sound to the romantic and nostalgic songs famous in his time. This should keep you and your guests dancing through your special night.

Another fun idea is to have a caricaturist on hand to capture your guests at their best, giving them a lasting token of your wedding. These drawings are usually on custom paper, capturing your original spirit and taste.

Double the fun. Rather than the sparkle of a solo piano, think about dueling pianos ramping up the excitement as these feisty performers take audience requests and return a hearty laugh as well as the enjoyable music.

Hold a Mardi Gras type parasol parade—everyone, men and women, carrying frilly white parasols to a sauntering tune. Or enter the reception to the boom of snare drums and blare of brass instruments, celebrating being man and wife with a high energy spectacle!

A prime selfie op! A strolling table also termed a living table, in which trained performers wear elaborate costumes, with a flat surface surrounding them. Your guests are provided their cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in a supreme show that make you and your husband stand out in caps and in spectacular memories.

Have a bagpiper lead you into the reception hall or the processional for that matter.

Employ a romantic mariachi band to serenade your guests.

And last, but certainly not least, give them a real show with fire dancers. Well away from the white tablecloths! Recommended more for an outdoor wedding.

Take your pick(s) but step beyond your boundaries. Your new life together is just beginning. Make it an affair to remember—for you and your guests.

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