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10 Ideas for a Unique Wedding

Posted in: Wedding Planning
10 Ideas for a Unique Wedding

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? That inspiration comes from a Hallmark greeting card. Brides and grooms want their wedding day to be memorable, not only for themselves, but for their guests and loved ones. Some of the suggestions in this post are a bit unconventional but totally awesome.

  1. Instead of a guest book, have a curtained area where your guests can record a video of their thoughts and well wishes.
  2. Adorn the bathroom at the wedding reception. Your attention to detail, on a scale of 1-10, will be rated tops.
  3. A Mimosa bar for a morning or brunch reception is a delightful idea. If the guests prefer, they can simply have champagne or make it really exciting and offer Bellinis, too.
  4. A wedding held in an apple orchard is a very special venue. It is customary for you to be able to pick as many apples as necessary for wedding décor.
  5. A gold sequined arrow indicating the route your guests should take.
  6. Upgrade your escort cards to something unique and usable or edible. Paper cards will get lost or tossed away. Personalized cake pops with guests’ names and table numbers written in icing or on a pretty tag make a distinctive statement. Engraved martini glasses can do double duty as favors.
  7. Toast time can stand out by letting guests tailor their champagne to their individual tastes. Offer dishes of fruit purees, lavender sprigs, citrus twists and flavored ice cubes to make your bubbly bar an unforgettable moment.
  8. Your first dance is one of the highlights of the Big Day. Add romance and uniqueness to this delightful experience and to your photos. Arrange with your florist for fresh flower petals to drop from the ceiling or if the song is not slow and romantic, a confetti drop is spectacular. Ensure that the wait staff is on hand to cleanup.
  9. Be creative with lighting. Project falling leaves or snow to add drama and a flare for romance. Funky geometric designs or your monogram projected on the dance floor will wow your guests.
  10. Stage your own dramatic exit by giving guests parasols and noisemakers so that they can join the parade and escort you to your getaway car. Colorful confetti or lavender petals will make for a photo op, or think paper airplanes or colorful mini beach balls.

This is a subject upon which we could elaborate for many posts in the future. Check back for more unique ideas for jazzing up your wedding, reception or even rehearsal dinner. We promised ten, but as a parting shot, we had to share: When your guests think the party is over, surprise them with awesome late-night snacks. Shoestring French fries, fresh chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies and milk shooters, or maybe a fully loaded taco bar can wake everyone up for an after-party! A soup shooter with toast or even a Bloody Mary shooter to open those eyes.

It’s your day! Do it your way! Create lasting memories for you and your wonderful partner as well as each and every one of your lucky guests!

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